B3 Tuyo Black/Black

B3 Tuyo Black/BlackB3 Tuyo is a celebration of beauty & sensuality. Tuyo is lovingly formed with sensuous lines and curves to enhance those moments of erotic pleasure. Tuyo is crafted of virgin, Phthalate-Free plastics, hygienic Stainless Steel and Non-Porous Silicone. Tuyo’s circular shape was designed to orbit the body of couples engaged in massage or those alone focusing on solo pleasure. The softly textured grip allows you to focus on the welcome waves of vibration radiating from the lower half of the sphere. This elegant object d’art is splash proof and has eight modes of vibration, including three speeds from gentle to intense and five patterns of varied pulsation for added pleasure. 8 Modes of Vibration Chrome Trim Silicone None-slip Grip Splash Proof Satin Lined Case Included

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