The Ideal Penis Size

Penis enlargement productHave you measured yourself lately? If so, are you upset with the size of your penis? Most men that are concerned with the size of their penis are upset because they know a larger penis will not only satisfy their partner, but also provide them with the confidence they are looking for. However, men are unaware of what the ideal penis size is considered to be.

The Ideal Penis Size
The ideal penis size is a piece of information that has eluded men for quite some time. Most men know that their penis should be larger, but how larger.

According to Dr. Arturs Vavere’s research, he states that a man’s penis should be at least 10% of their overall height. This simple measuring technique will provide every man with the ability to know exactly where the size of his penis should be.

Increase Penis Size Naturally
To increase the size of your penis naturally, you need to use MaleExtra and continually perform enlarge exercises. By using both of these together you will have the results you are looking for that will stay with you forever.

The MaleExtra supplements are 100% natural and contain 1500mg of ingredients that will provide your penis with the nutrients it needs to grow, as well as the nutrients your body needs to increase your sexual performance.

  • The main ingredients are pomegranate 70% ellagic, which is natures natural Viagra and L-Arginine, which is an amino acid that is essential to increasing the hardness of your erection. The other ingredients included in this supplement will increase the blood flow to your penis, increase your sexual desires, increase your fertility, and have an overall increase libido.

Enlargement exercises will provide your penis with the ability to use the supplements nutrients to grow your penis permanently. Otherwise, you penis will not grow to the ideal size.

  • One of the exercises that will help to increase the size of your penis is jelqing. This process involves moving the blood from the base of your penis to the tip causing the tissues that hold the blood to expand. By repeating this process, those tissues will have the ability to hold more blood.
  • Another exercise is kegeling and it will help prevent premature ejaculation and allow the male to hold their erection for an extended time. This process works the muscle that controls the ejaculation process and by working this muscle men have reported that they are able to have sex for longer periods, while delaying their ejaculation.

By using these two methods together, any man can increase their penis to the ideal size, while also increasing their sexual performance. Stop wondering what your penis size should be and get larger with MaleExtra so that you can begin to enjoy sex!
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