BonerShaker and LadyShaker Massager

BonerShaker and LadyShaker MassagerUnique mains powered unisex massager designed to deliver intense deep throbbing vibrations. It comes complete with 2 clip and snap on attachments which can be changed in seconds. The LadyShaker attachment has been designed to fit the natural contour of the body and stimulate both the clitoris and labia to bring wave after wave of powerful pleasure. The BonerShaker attachment has been produced to stimulate the frenulum, which is the elastic band of tissue under the penis gland that connects to the foreskin. It does this by being placed on the underside of the penis and then the other side of the penis is placed against the body, the vibrations then specifically targets the Frenulum or F Spot to bring more intense sensations to the user. If you are in a real hurry don’t worry as BonerShaker and LadyShaker works just as well through clothing!

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