Bottoms Up Silicone Anal Toy Set

Spoilt for choice? Experiment, enjoy and indulge with this special kit that contains a mini set of anal beads and a petite butt plug – great for solo play or fun together! Price: £12.99

Double Erection Keeper Cock Ring

Double your and your partner’s enjoyment at a stroke with this strap-on anal penetrator. The upper strap fits snugly around your penis while the lower strap cups your balls nice and tight. Two for the …

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Shaun Sloane Latex Anal Pants

Stretchy latex underwear, with seat-mounted anal penetrator. Wear them in the bedroom, or anywhere else! They can be worn underneath other clothing, so no one else is wise to the secret fun and sensations you’ll …

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Penis Butt Plug Large

Anal pleasure from a realistic penis butt plug with flared base. Made from strong rubber, the realistic cock will please you from behind time after time. Simple satisfaction at a great price. Price: £10.99

Pepper Bulbous Anal Tool Type K

If you’re looking for a versatile anal tool, then look no further than the Pepper range! Type K is made up of a bulbous head, a series of tantalising ridges and a smooth flexible shaft …

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Huge Dildo 14 Inch

A ‘Ronseal product’ if ever there was one, this black beauty does exactly what it says on the tin – 14 inches of vinyl excitement just waiting to be tamed… It’s huge. It’s a dildo. …

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