CaterpillarAll you anal play fan can jump with expectation, because by popular request we are thrilled (and so will you be) to offer for your anal pleasure, the latest giant dildo: the Caterpillar! The caterpillar is one fabulously HUGE dildo! This sensational rectum stretcher is constructed from luscious black PVC with an orgasmic corkscrew contoured effect shaft, firm round head and balls too! The BIG question is can you fit it all in? As this Caterpillar’s anus widening measurements are eyes widening, staggering, wait for it, 11 inches in length, (that’s a gasping 9 penetration, if you can actually cram it in!) The eye popping width of this baby is 3 inches thick, (Yes, I know, that’s a whopping 9 inches around!) at the top, 4 inches thick, (‘gulp’ 12 inches) half way down, and a staggering 4 inches, (that’s 13 inches) at the bottom! This is one extreme tear producing anal plug that will fill you completely with any doubts! We are already receiving RAVE reviews on this super item; this is one big bum buster baby that all giant dildo fans won’t want to miss out on! Bum clenchingly good!

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