Fun Factory Share XL

Fun Factory Share XLShared lust is twice the lust. Be the one who gives pleasure. Discover new possibilities and add creativity to your love life. Made of 100 % medical-grade Silicone, SHARE?s shape was designed to fit you perfectly. SHARE was made for the active woman who knows what she wants ? to give love and to share passion. SHARE. STUBS are made of 100 % Silicone! They are flexible without losing the necessary stability, easy to clean and hypo-allergenic. If cooled or warmed, if bathing or on land ? they guarantee diversified stimulation. Special features Good grip Easy to use Harness-compatible Made of solid, 100 % medical-grade Silicone Detailed operating instructions are included and a sample of our lubricant Toyfluid in every package of STUBS.

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