Remote Control Beaver

Remote Control BeaverNow here is a sensational vibrator that you can enjoy anywhere and anytime, it’s discreet, it’s powerful, it’s stimulating. Here is the fabulous Remote Control Beaver, a sensational, 1% adjustable, firm fitting snap-in harness with an orgasmic removable vibrating mini penis! This gorgeous black strap strap-on harness holds the beautiful purple coloured mini penis comfortably inside the vagina; it is high powered and has a fabulous beaver shaped base for orgasmic clitoral stimulation. This erotic stimulation inducing beaver is remote controlled, completely wire free for the woman on the move. Strap this orgasmic pleaser on and feel the fantastic sensations as you work, you rest, you walk, you play, you dance, in fact do anything you want, you control the beaver, and no one will ever know! Moving Sensations!

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