Remote Control Butterfly

Remote Control ButterflyGirls, you can now have it all, vaginal, clitoral, and anal stimulation wherever and whenever you want it! We have for you girls a beautiful vibrating self masturbator in gorgeous purple, a wonderful butterfly shaped pleaser with a sensational mini penis for insertion into the vagina, an arousing nose and antenna for serious clitoral stimulation, and a thrilling tail for shivering anal excitement, all fixed to a strap-on harness. This fabulous soft and flexible butterfly is controlled by a small and compact remote, and is operable from 15-2 feet away, so your partner can use it to give you sensations only when they wish, the can tease or take away at that vital moment, it’s up to them because they have the control. The harness itself has adjustable straps to give a comfortable fit, and allowing the perfect placement of the butterfly so you receive the maximum stimulation possible. The butterfly is powerful yet whisper quiet so no one will know until you start to moan with pleasure. Wear the butterfly under your clothes, wear anywhere and everywhere, just remember your lover has the control and can make you writhe in pleasure no matter who is around! Boring dinner parties could possible never be boring again when wearing this fabulous remote control butterfly, but don’t spill the soup! On the move with sensations!

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