Remote Control Tiger Panty

Remote Control Tiger PantyStyle and elegance combined with high-tech space-age technology is brought to you in this sensational sexy vibrating panty. You’ll be growling with pleasure like a wild untamed and uncontrollable animal when you put on this hot and sexy powerful vibrating wireless thong panty. Featuring a gorgeous ZR-5 wireless stimulator which has been contoured for optimal stimulation and with remote control. The gorgeous thong is of a tiger print design, are washable, comfortable, made from high quality cotton and are Brazilian Cut with stretch fit Lycra back combined with a hidden pocket to accommodate the wireless ZR-5 wireless stimulator, and also includes batteries. Slip into these adorable panties, hand the control to your lover and let them control the intimate arousing stimulation you receive. Who know when or where they will give you a buzz, you’ll just have to wait and see! Pleasure Panty!

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