Scorpion Stinger Cockring & Testicle Harness

Scorpion Stinger Cockring & Testicle HarnessFor the total orgasmic experience, this high tech aid from Topco can’t be beaten! nnManufactured to the highest standards from patent cyberskin rubber for a realistic skinlike warmth and texture, simply slip the double cock ring over your penis and testicles to enhance your erection, insert the anal probe, and away you go!nnThis is not your run of the mill toy, though – it has a lot of features which you simply won’t find anywhere else. Firstly, the anal probe has a special EZ Bend vertebra which allows you to position it perfectly for you – ideal if you wish to stimulate your prostate, as everybody is slightly different. nnSecondly, not only does the cockring keep your erection for a long time, and make your tip sensitive – the cleverly designed harness also stimulates your perineum. nnOn top of all this, the vibrator has an innovative controller, which allows you to change not only the speed but also the power and rhythm of the vibrations. nnAltogether, one toy that will leave you more than satisfied!n

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