SeductionTotal Seduction!

The Seduction from Evolved is a curvy journey start out externally, massaging the clitoris with the super soft, nicely curved tip. Then, when you are ready slide inside!

Over the gentle point, down to the widest diameter (35mm) about 2 inches down. The expansion is gradual and pleasing, before the diameter reduces and you feel the larger diameter inside.

The design of this toy is like a torpedo and internally it feels fantastic, the 3 levels of vibe deliver good strength sensations and the material feels luxurious throughout.

Technology has EVOLVED, shouldn’t your massager?

The Evolved range of super soft ABS sex toys are nontoxic, they feel great and their designs will please the beginner right through to the sexpert!

Each product is 100% waterproof, has multiple speeds and most of all they lead the way in the sex toy fashion stakes!

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