12 Days of Christmas – LoveHoney Dream Egg

Fancy something a little different my saucy friends? Well here’s a seasonal countdown with a sexy twist – the 12 sex toys of Christmas…

On the second day of Christmas my sex toy lover gave to me, a LoveHoney Dream Egg Vibrator under the tree.

LoveHoney Dream Egg VibratorMeet the all new LoveHoney Dream Egg 2 Remote Control Vibrator. This pleasure producing toy is the ultimate party in your pants – action packed with 1 powerful functions!

This rubber, waterproof vibrating love egg is a marvel of modern design and by simply running your fingers over the soft rubber you’ll experience an incredibly satisfying feel.

The texture and shape of the egg vibrator is perfectly sized to make it great for both clitoral and internal stimulation, satisfying even the most demanding lover.

If you fancy something sexy with a twist, why not give the love egg a twirl when you’re out and about? Try giving someone the remote controller and they can sexily stimulate you from up to 15 feet away – now that’s really going the whole distance.

LoveHoney 1 Function Remote Control Dream Egg 2. Vibrator

The easy to use wireless controller has two buttons – one to turn it off and one to activate and change the multiple speeds and functions of vibrations, all of which will set you juices flowing.

This little bundle of pleasure also comes with free batteries, too – so it can keep going all night long, even if your lover can’t!

At £24.99 – including FREE delivery – the LoveHoney 1 Function Remote Control Dream Egg Vibrator packs a lot of pleasure for your pounds.

If you missed our first day of Christmas sex toy special, then why not read all about it now?

So have we hit the spot with our dream egg vibrator? If not, perhaps some of these remote control vibrators might tickle your clitoris instead…

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