Pearl Shine Slender Vibrator

Thin and slim, this slender vibrator has its vibrator in the tip to make sure the vibrations get to where it matters most, whether that’s your clitoris or g-spot. Realistic veined shaft. Simple twist control …

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Dr Joel Kaplan Vibrating Perineum Massager

Another male sex toy winner from Dr Joel Kaplan (aka “The Most Trusted Name In Pumping”), the Perineum massager gives men an interesting route to enhanced pleasure by stimulating the prostate and perineum. Price: £10.99

Mini Buddies Missile

Buddies Missile is a serious gift for him when the bomb is what he wants! 5 speeds, amazing 2 toys in 1 and waterproof! The RO120 inside is the big brother to the RO80 Ammunition …

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Mini Buddies Scud

Buddies Scud is one hell of a missile! Use this baby vaginally or anally for an exhilarating, second to none feeling. Pure ripples of pleasure await the recipient… Price: £29.95

Triple Treat Vibrating Butt Plug

Bang after bang after bang! A meaty vibrating butt plug with increasingly wide flared shaft. Firm enough to satisfy but flexible enough to probe your perfect pleasure points. Supplied with a complimentary sachet of lube. …

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