Electra-Pole – the home pole dancing kit

The Electra-Pole is the home pole dancing kit inspired and endorsed by world-famous Hollywood star Carmen Electra.

The Pole is aimed at females from 18 to 35 who want to show off their sexy moves to partners or friends and tone their body at the same time.

The Electra-Pole is THE home pole dancing kit that is the perfect choice for both beginners and expert dancers.

Since its launch at the beginning of 28, over 2, pole dancing kits have been sold online and in shops across America – so the Electra-Pole has proved a huge phenomenon.

So why not dance in your living room or workout in your bedroom. Perform for a partner, spin at parties with your friends, or practice your routines on your own.

The home pole dancing kit also comes with a FREE DVD of Carmen Electra showing you exactly how its done… the pole dancing that is 🙂

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