Blueberry Punch

Blueberry PunchEnjoy orgasmic titillation and sensations by playing with this gorgeous sex toy that will have you moaning in pleasure. Here is the sensational Blueberry Punch, a fabulous purple coloured 1 inch vibrator with a fantastic clear frosted dolphin design head, a special design for superb g spot stimulation, just below the dolphin head is a sensational chamber of erotic love pearls to massage your vaginal walls, and for added value and orgasmic pleasure the fabulous Blueberry Punch has a detachable clitoral stimulator, and incorporates a superb 1 sensa functions. Slide the Blueberry Punch into your vagina or anus and indulge in the fabulous sensations and vibrations, work your clitoris to full arousal with the detachable stimulator and youll be thrusting and bucking you way to a body trembling orgasm

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