Jel lee Scorpion

Jel lee ScorpionLadies you are going to scream, not with fright but with lustful desire and climactic orgasms when you use this fabulous sex toy! Designed to satisfy the erotic sexual heat within you, the sensational Jel Lee Scorpion is a gorgeous 9 inch silicone oasis of pleasure to challenge the most daring of erotic sexual desires. Quiet variable speeds of vibration provides orgasmic clitoral and anal stimulation, while the Scorpions lusciously soft body nestles snugly with the vaginal lips. Lay back and indulge in the erotic experience as this fabulous Scorpion nuzzles between your silky wet pussy lips, allow the scorpion?s tail to sting and tease your clitoris to full arousal, and then place the scorpion?s tail at your anus and you will be taken to the extremes of sexual pleasure! Sexual Stinging Tail!

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