Silicone Dragonfly

Silicone DragonflyPerfect stimulation for your clitoris while making love or not! Here we have a gorgeous light blue strap-on dragonfly which is soft sensual and fully adjustable and will easily tickle and nibble your clitoris to full exciting arousal! This superb powerful clitoral stimulator has a unique random sequence of vibration, pulsation, and escalation that makes it the perfect clitoris pleaser. Strap it on, turn it on, and it automatically rotates between your favourite functions to bring you the best experience! This superb silicone dragonfly comes with fully adjustable straps for your comfort, and has a great colour changing mood-light power pack which changes as the functions cycle! Wear this fabulous dragonfly when on your own for sensational pleasure, or you can also wear it while making love to add to the excitement and stimulation! Delicious Dragonfly Delights!

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