Bionic Blaster

Bionic BlasterFor those of you that enjoy bionic breathtaking orgasms we have a sensational sex toy for you! Gasp with excitement at the gloriously sexy Bionic Blaster, a wonderful flesh coloured, penis shaped, 8 inch penetration device with balls. The fabulous Bionic Blaster is completely controlled by a tiny microprocessor, allowing the vibrator components to be easily manipulated to bring you an ultimate deep penetrating orgasm! The base of the sensational Bionic Blaster is a quick release suction cup that allows it to be stuck to virtually any smooth surface, thus allowing for hard rampant bouncing with effortless ease bringing on orgasm after body shaking orgasm while leaving your hands free for more creative adventures! Wanting to supply you with the maximum penile penetrative vibrations, we situated our super strong Japanese motor inside the penis head, where the orgasmic sensations will be experienced most vividly, and will have you moaning and groaning with pleasure as you reach that breath stopping climax! Bounce in the future with Bionic Blaster!

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